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Highlights, Video & Transcript: New York Symposium – Reform of U.S. Cultural Property Policy: Accountability, Transparency, and Legal Certainty

An overflow audience of over 250 people, including art historians, archeologists, art collectors, law enforcement, major museum directors and staff, art law attorneys, and law students jammed the April 10, 2014 symposium sponsored by the Arts and Entertainment Law Journal (AELJ) of Benjamin Cardozo Law School and the Committee for Cultural Policy. A complete video and transcript  of the program is available. A summary with Highlights of the Symposium is linked here as well.

The program began with introductions by Pamela Grutman of the Arts and Entertainment Law Journal and by William Pearlstein, author of the White Paper, A Proposal to Reform US Law and Policy Related to the International Exchange of Cultural Property.

Panel 1 dealt with resolving the conflict between the Convention on Cultural Property Implementation Act (CCPIA) and U.S. criminal law. Panelists were Andrew Adler, James McAndrew, Evan Barr, and Michael McCullough.
Moderator was Professor Jeanne Schroeder.

Panel 2 covered the neutral interpretation and fair administration of the CCPIA.
Panelists: Mark Feldman, James Fitzpatrick, Lucille Roussin, and Marc Wilson.
Moderator was Arthur Houghton.

Panel 3 discussed museums and collectors: the AAMD 1970 rule, web-based databases, and quiet title. Panelists were Jennifer Kreder, Ronald Spencer, and Marc Wilson. Moderator was Gary Vikan.

Highlights of the Symposium are linked as well as a complete transcript  of the Symposium – Reform of U.S. Cultural Property Policy: Accountability, Transparency, and Legal Certainty

For more information, visit the symposium website or contact Kate Fitz Gibbon, Panelist biographies, CLE information and background materials here.




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